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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Losing friends!!!

Another one bites the dust. Another friend finds his soulmate. Is that a bad thing? Why am I sad? Shouldn't I be happy for my friends? Of course we are still going to be friends and hopefully nothing much will change. But when I suddenly out of the blue need someone to call and talk to, can I be sure I can call my friend without worrying if I'm being a "Pain in the b%##". Maybe that's why we all need a soul mate.

Just like on leaving school, we used to think "Why do we have to grow up? Why do we have to leave school?". Now I feel, why should people get engaged / married? Why can't we all stay single, hang out together have fun like we always used to.

But just like I grew out of or reasoned with the previous question, I know I will grow out or answer this question on my own soon. Or maybe just maybe, I'll find my soulmate soon too!!! and then there will be some other single friend of mine who'll get these stupid thoughts.

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