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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ocean City Camping

Early September (Memorial Day weekend), me, Santosh and a few of his friends headed towards Ocean City. With the weekend rush, we were finding no hotels with reasonable nightly rates. So we decided to go camping. What a smart idea it was?

As preparation, a couple of days before the D-Day, we went to Walmart and bought a 4 person Tent. We weren't sure how many of his friends were joining us. But we thought, better be comfy and this was more like an investment right.

The D-Day arrives. Head off early from work giving some stupid excuse. While I go shopping for Camping essentials like Coal, Lighter Fluid, Vegetables, Corn, Beer, etc, Santosh goes to pick up a friend (Hmmm, friend's wife would be a better description) from Dayton.

Fast forward to the next evening. We are in Ocean City. After lazing around the beach for some time (obviously treat for the eyes and the eyes), we decide to go hunting for our campsite. Two of Santosh's friends (Girish and Milind) join us. The Campground we booked turned out to be a real shady place. One person we met, it turns out has been living in this Campground for years. Luckily for us, the owner had packed up and left for the evening, even though he'd promised us that he'd stay till 8:30pm. Called Directory assistance and found the number of a nearby Campground whose Banner we had seen as we were coming over to this shady place. This one turned out to be a real campground not some RV parking site.

After the registration formalities and buying Wood and Bug Spray, we headed off to the campsite looking for a good location. Since it was pitch dark, at the time, two of us started setting up the Tent while the other two started a campfire.

Once done with that, we made the most amazing Vegetable Bath along with roasted Corn. Then sat around the campfire just chatting away, gulping down beers. That's when we decided that we should go camping more often. One more of life's simple pleasures.

The next day, we decided to camp in a place closer to Ocean City. This time, we set up the Tent in minutes. Anyway the tents that we get here are so easy to set up. I'm surely getting one when I'm coming back to India.

We then sat around the campfire gulping beers down. Then we decided to go out and enjoy the night life of Ocean City. After all that was the reason we decided to camp closer to Ocean City.

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