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Sunday, September 14, 2008

House Hunting @ London

After a million frustrating calls to Landlords and Real-Estate Agents, P and I finally nailed down our accomodation needs. Everyone in London hates giving a lease for anything less than 3 months. So for future LBS Exchange students or anyone coming into London for a 3-4 month stay, here's my recommendation.

  1. Find yourself an accomodation in one of the student hostels close to campus. Some of these close months in advance - so book your accomodation the very day you know you are travelling to London.
  2. Try to group with > 4 people and take a bigger house for let. Works out more economical and if some of these people are non-exchange students, you won't have that many issues of a short let when you leave.
  3. Be Ready to take up individual accomodations in a small room with or without kitchenette for an astronomical price
  4. Be Ready to spend through your noses for a convenient and luxurious accomodation close to school.
  5. Worst case options are the Short-Let studios that are available in Plenty - Like the one we booked for 3 months. Contact me for references. This guy (Sergio) sounded very accomodating and was willing to provide us a lot of freebies for our super-long (by his standards) stay.
I am finally relieved that I can unsubscribe from the "Accomodations" discussion and stop visiting Gumtree, Flatshare and a million other sites several times a day.

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